1. The owner of an online store is The Straight From Nature, based in Nottingham.

2. The Online Store sells natural cosmetics through a website in the UK including (Scotland and Wales).

3. This Regulation lays down rules concluded between the Seller and the Customer. Contract of sale of goods is remote communication and the use by a customer of the store at the Internet address www.the-straight-from-nature.

4. To use the services of the store is acceptance our terms & condition.

5. We execute orders only from people over 18 years of age.

6. Photos on www.the-straight-from-nature may vary slightly, so when selecting a product should be directed to the product description.

7. Where possible violate what point in the regulations make sure that we can deprive you of the right to use the online store, as well as restrict its access to part or all the resources.

8. Customers can get access to these Rules at any time on the home page www.the-straight-from-nature.

9. We reserve the right to refuse orders if they look suspicions to us. In this case, the order will not be processed, and the payment will be canceled.

10. Items marked as SALE are not refoundable.

11. Cosmetics in SALE section have reduced price, and can have short date, or last items.

§Orders and payment methods:

1. Orders in our store can be submitted through the entire day, 7 days a week.

2. To place an order properly fill out the order form, located at the store www.the-straight-from-nature. In the form, enter your name, email address, delivery address and telephone number.

3. You can pay for placed order using electronic payments like PayPal, payment by credit / debit card or Stripe ( read more HERE ).

4. The price of the product shown on the online shop is given in pounds sterling and is the final price, with out packing and postage cost.

5. After placing your order you will recive from us a receipt via an e-mail.

§Packing and postage:

1. All an orders we send within 48 hours of receiving the payment from Monday till Friday. If you place an order on Friday after 4pm your parcel will be send on Monday. We don’t sent a parcel on weekends.

2. If you provide an incorrect shipping address when filling out the contact form, we do not accept any consequences.

If you do not receive your order in within few days, please contact us on our emai adress info@tsfn.16mb.com.

If the product sent by us do not agree with your order at our store www.the-straight-from-nature.co.uk (a mistake, wrong weight or expired date), please let us know immediately on our email adress info@tsfn.16mb.com

3.  If the order is placed on a Saturday, Sunday or public holidays (Bank Holiday) will be processed in first next working day.

§Discount codes and special discount code:

1. Discount code can be used only one time per order. Then it automatically expires. 

2. If you have more than one discount codes and you  didn’t not use any yet in our store for example:

– you have got two discounts codes for: 5%. (total 10%) you can use this code: separately, (5% on next order and another  5% on future order) or also together but before making an order please contact with us. We will be check everything and give you information about your discounts.

After positive check we prepare for you Special discount code: for example 10%.

Special discount code can’t be use together with any other discount codes. for example: Special discount code 10% with normal discount code 5%.

3. Special discount code can be use only one time per order. Then it automaticly expires.

4. If we will see that you used more than one discount code to one transaction. For example. Special discount code (10%) together with normal discount code (5%), we will inform you asap that your order will be cancelled. We can’t to accept this order and give you refund for your order.

5. If you need more information about discount codes contact with us.

6. Discount code can be use with another promotion on website. You can use only one discount code for any future order.


1. In matters not regulated by this document, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and commercial law in force in the UK.

2. Despite the best efforts can’t guarantee, that published on the product descriptions do not contain gaps or errors. Any wrong technical information can’t be a basis for the claims and in case of doubt, please contact us before making a purchase.

3. The Rules shall enter into force upon acceptance by the customer.

4. We reserve the right to change the Rules. The amendments are effective immediately upon posting on the website of the Online Store. Orders placed before the entry into force of the amendments referred to in this paragraph shall be implemented on the principles in force at the time of their submission.

5. All materials posted on the store www.the-straight-from-nature (graphics, photos, descriptions) are owned by The STRAIGHT From Nature. It is the intellectual property copyrighted. Copying or distribution without the consent of our material is prohibited.