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Make Me Bio – Face Scrub – Almond Scrub – Dry, Sensitive Skin – 60ml


100% natural Make Me Bio Almond Face Scrub with sweet almonds and sunflower seeds is an excelent product for dry and sensitive skin. This product nourishes and protects your skin leaving it soft and hydrated. Sweet almonds sooths irritations and strenghthen the skin. The proteins and fatty acids in nuts nourish and protect the skin.

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The addition of cinnamon stimulates the blood circulation and due to its antibacterial properties it is also an excellent natural rmedy to fighting acne.

Composition and properties:

Almonds, sunflower, oat, kaolin and a trace of cinnamon make up the best recipe for beautiful skin. This natural peeling will nourish and moisturize dry and sensitive skin.

Discover the unmatched properties of exceptional ingredients. Naturally with Make Me Bio.

Kaolin Clay – has astringent and nourishing properties. It is a gentle and effective method of cleansing skin pores. It leaves the skin refreshed and smooth, with an even tone.

Oat –  has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties It helps treat acne, regenerates the skin and soothes irritations. Additionally, it softens and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft to the touch.

Cinnamon –  has antibacterial and firming effects. Owing to its active ingredients and vitamins, it restores the skin’s healthy appearance and tone. It stimulates blood circulation, visibly smooths and firms the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil – has moisturizing and firming effects. Thanks to its rich vitamin and mineral content, it effectively regenerates the skin, protects its cells against water loss and slows down skin aging processes. Moreover, its pleasant nut fragrance soothes the senses.

Sunflower Seed Oil – has anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects. It strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin, regenerates and moisturizes it. It regulates the secretion of sebum and effectively helps treat acne.

Skin: Every skin type; it is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Effect: Nourished, soft and radiant skin.

How to use:

Mix a small amount of the product with a bit of water or milk in the palm of your hand or in a separate bowl. Stir into a paste and gently massage onto your face in circular motions to cleanse it. Rinse the paste off with cold water. Keep in a dry place.


INCI: Avena Sativa (Owies) Flour*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Słodkie Migdały) Meal*, Helianthus Annuus (Słonecznik) Meal*, Kaolin (Biała Glinka), Cinnamomum Cassia Bark (Cynamon)*.

*ecological growth.


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Every skin type; it is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin.


Nourished, soft and radiant skin.