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Natural Secrets – Clay – Black Clay – 50g


Black clay is recommended for oily and acne skin, deeply purified pores. Regulates the level of sebum. Not recommended for dry and sensitive skin, which can irritate and can make over-dried.

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• visibly narrows the enlarged pores,
• eliminates bumps, reduces the frequency of acne formation,
• regulates the secretion of sebum,
• regenerates, nourishes and smoothes,
• unifies skin tone.

How to use:

Add the water, hydrolate, natural yoghurt or favorite oil to the dry clay so that the consistency of thick cream is obtained, after which we put the prepared paste on the chosen area. It is advisable not to let the mask dry out (you can, for example, spray it with a mist of your favorite hydrolate, or apply a moist compress). We put the mask on for 10-20 minutes. We recommend using 1-2 times a week.

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