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Your Natural Side – Rosa Damascena Flower Water – Organic – Vegan – 100ml


Your Natural Side Rosa Damascena flower water moisturizes, supports healing and works soothing for skin. Strengthens the blood vessels. It shows anti-wrinkle effect, improves elasticity of the skin and smoothes her.

Applied to hair, protects it from drying, providing the right level of hydration and facilitates their combing –
It has a soothing effect, regulates sebaceous glands and secretion of sebum, which significantly delays the process of greasy scalp.

Perfect for dry, mature, flabby, irritated, oily skin also in prophylaxis of capillaries and acne also rosacea.

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Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Perfect for:

  • mature skin with signs of aging,
  • dry and dehydrated skin,
  • sensitive and irritated skin (also around eyes),
  • skin with uneven colour,
  • problematic skin,
  • hair which needs smoothing,


  • anti aging,
  • moisturizing,
  • soothing,
  • refreshing,

Rosa Damascena – acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin cells from collagen degradation and smoothing fine wrinkles. It perfectly seals the blood vessels. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It is recommended for the care of all skin types especially capillaries, dry and mature.

Apply to the hair protects it from drying, keeps an adequate level of moisturizing and facilitates combing.

It works soothing for skin and regulates the work of sebaceous glands and secretion of sebum. Gently pulls on the skin reducing the visibility of the pores.

It reduces swelling, irritation and itching of the skin. Accelerates healing of wounds and regenerates the skin, makes scars less visible. Perfect for rashes, small cuts, bruises, scalp irritations, insect bites and also for after-shave skin care and depilation. It removes skin discoloration. It is also used for soothing packs for swollen eyelids and for sunburns.

It refreshes the skin and hair and makes it less oily. It adds natural brilliance to matt hair. The aroma of rosa damascena flowers works calming. Used before bed relieves tension and stress.

How to use:

  • as a tonic / facial mist – spray the water directly on the skin of the face, neckline and neck just after cleansing. You can also use a cotton swab. Leave to absorb or apply the selected oil. Thanks to its properties water will enhance its performance and make oil will get absorbed faster.
  • as a supplement to masks and peels – add flower water to the prepared powder or peeling mask to obtain the correct consistency of the specifics and additionally enhance its effect.
  • as a soothing compress for tired and swollen eyelids – soak the swab with water and then apply it over eyelids for 15 minutes.In such a simple way you will remove the swelling and signs of tired and additionally moisturize and revive the skin around the eyes. Before you apply the compress, you can cool the flower water in the fridge to get a cooling effect.
  • as a supplement to ready-made products – add water to your cream, lotion, hair mask, other ingredients at your own discretion or mix in hand immediately before application.
  • as a refreshing mist for body and hair – spray water directly on skin or hair for refreshment, hydration or nutrition
  • as a soothing after-shave and depilatory water – spray water on skin after shave and epilation to soothe irritated skin and prevent inflammation.
  • scalp preparation – rub the water into the scalp before or after washing your hair to soothe irritated skin

Product specification:

  • INCI: Rosa Damascena Water.
  • Country of origin: Bulgaria.
  • Form: water with intensive rose scent.
  • The storage conditions: tight closed, in room temperature not higher than 25°C or in fridge.
  • Lasting: shown on the packaging.
  • It has Soil Association Organic Certificate.


  • Rosa Damascena Flower Water is produced by steam distillation of fresh flowers of Rosa Damascena.
  • Cultivated as an ornamental plant and for the production of rose oil and rose water.
  • The largest “Rose Valley” basin is located in Bulgaria.

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Perfect for:

mature skin with signs of aging, dry and dehydrated skin, sensitive and irritated skin (also around eyes), skin with uneven colour,
problematic skin, hair which needs smoothing,

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