Nacomi – Red Clay – Vegan – 100ml


Nacomi Red Clay is recomended for acne prone skin. Gently cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells, so that the skin regenerates faster and strengthens. Nourished skin is more resistant to external factors and its outer layer is much better absorbed by active ingredients of natural cosmetics.


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Composition and Properties:

Red clay is rich in minerals and valuable substances that are applied to the skin in the form of a mask. The red clay is milder in exfoliating than green clay. Is recommended for people with normal and combination skin. Red Clay from France, is rich in minerals and active substances that improve skin condition, regenerate and moisturizing.

How to use:

Regular (2-3 times a week) use of clay masks causes skin to become smoother, better hydrated and slower aging.


 INCI: Red Clay – 100%


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