Your Natural Side – Peppermint Flower Water – 100ml


Your Natural side Peppermint Flower Water has a purifying and refreshing properties. It soothes irritations and supports skin regeneration. Recommended for the care of contaminated skin with overproduction of sebum, as well as for body parts with excessive sweating. It cools and refreshes the skin. Perfect as a refreshing mist on hot days, or after physical exercise, as well as a refreshing preparation for the mouth.

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Perfect for care of skin:

problematic skin,
skin with overproduction of sebum
about excessive sweating,,
sensitive, irritated skin,
after excessive solar exposure.



Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)  – has a purifying and refreshing effect. Ideal for the care of problem skin, contaminated with a tendency to blackheads and acne (also rosacea). It limits the production of sebum. It reduces the visibility of the pores without clogging them. Used for lots of excessive sweating (hands, feet, armpits, back), it prevents the proliferation of bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odor, leaving a pleasant feeling of refreshing. It soothes sunburns, insect bites, itching and redness of the skin. It reduces the swelling around the eyes. Perfectly refreshes the skin, providing cooling effect. Perfect for hot days, and after any physical exertion. It can be used for hot flashes during menopause, or for cold compresses when a fever occurs. Regularly rubbed into the scalp, refreshes the hair, prevents excessive greasing and strengthens and stimulates hair follicles for growth. Recommended for steam inhalation in case of nasal obstruction. It has unique aromatherapeutic properties. The extremely fresh peppermint aroma stimulates the mind, helps to maintain concentration and alertness. It soothes the headache and muscles. Used for mouthwash, inhibits bacterial growth, refreshes the breath and relieves symptoms of gingivitis.

How to use:

as a tonic / mist for the face – spray water directly on the skin of the face, neckline and neck immediately after the cleansing procedure. You can also use a cotton swab. Leave to absorb, or apply the selected oil. Thanks to its unusual properties, the water will strengthen its action and make the oil absorb faster.
as an addition to masks and peels – add floral water to the prepared powder mask, or peeling, so as to obtain the right consistency of the specifics and additionally strengthen its action
as a soothing compress for tired and swollen eyelids – soak the swab with water, then apply on the eyelids. In such a simple way, you will remove swelling and signs of tiredness, and additionally moisturize and nourish the skin around the eyes. Before you apply a compress, you can cool the flower water in the refrigerator to get an additional cooling effect.
as an addition to ready-made products – add water to the cream, balm, hair mask, other medicine in the amount according to your taste, or mix in the palm of your hand immediately before applying.
as a refreshing mist for body and hair – spray water directly on the skin or hair to refresh, moisturize or nourish
as a soothing after shave and depilation – spray the water directly to the shaving and depilation areas to soothe irritated skin and prevent inflammation.
scalp preparation – rub water into the scalp before or after washing the hair to soothe the irritated skin of the scalp, eliminate dandruff, seborrhea and itching.
refreshing preparation for feet and places with excessive sweating.
cooling body mist on hot days and after physical exertion, soothing preparation for burns and insect bites.

Product specification:

The name of the raw material according to INCI: Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Hydrolate (Peppermint Hydrolat 100%)
Country of origin: Bulgaria,
Form: water with a fresh mint odor,
Storage conditions: in airtight packaging, at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C or, if someone prefers, in a refrigerator,
Durability: indicated on the packaging, 6 months from the opening.

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