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Mydło Stacja – Rosemary Flower Water – 50ml


It’s a miracle for acne, seborrhea and normal skin. This is also our first hair cosmetic that has antiseptic and anti-dandruff activity! But first, let’s start with the complexion.

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Rosemary Flower Water

Rosemary flower water has properties that accelerate wound healing, that is, super regenerates. In addition, it regulates the secretion of excessive amounts of sebum, which works well with oily smiley and hair. It brilliantly cleanses the skin and restores its healthy appearance. Rosemary is also a very strong antioxidant which prevents it from spreading free radicals.

As for the hair ... Well, the scalp is strongly cleansed and strengthened, the hydrolate has strong regenerating properties, so the hair gains a healthier appearance and is stronger. In addition, it combats dandruff and accelerates hair growth. We recommend using it after each wash on the scalp and on the entire moist hair.

Our hydrolate is Ecocert certified, which means that it is a 100% organic product, with the rest like all our products, but it also has paper!

Recommended for:

Rosemary flower water works great as a face tonic, especially after evening makeup removal and in the morning care - before make-up. On warm summer days, we also recommend it as a refreshing mist to the whole body.


INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Water

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